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August 19, 2017
Pentakill - II: Grasp of the Undying

Cull starts the album Pentakill - II: Grasp of the Undying recorded for the Legue of Legends game in catacombs of the Shadow Isles with gentle, soft and bewitching acoustic guitar solo, to which the thoughtful phrases of the tired bard - Jorn Lande have joined to story. But then the atmosphere of the old-world legends gathers strength and rage, supplemented by the driving power that develops the same motif, just as gently and gently completing the track.
In the troubled atmosphere of the coming prophecies, Mortal Reminder somewhat accelerates the pace of the music into the intro, but the vocals restrain swiftness, enveloping in its diversity, combining several styles and genres in its phrases, taking to the ancient unforgettable legends, symphony of musical support.
Well, after troubles, worries and experiences, the soft Noora Louhimo female vocals (Battle Beast vocalist) turns Tear of the Goddess into a sensual musical image, soft vocal passages restraining the music from the side jerks, restraining the accompaniment at an average pace.
Infinity Edge and Dead Man's Plate, even closer to a ballad, continue to sound in a similar style - replacing the vocals of Per Johansson and Jorn Lande, but the sensual lady is replaced by a thoughtful bard, the atmosphere of charms, magical passes, scrolls, evasive abilities of heroes, giving them incredible abilities.
Altering the genre of music and the style of sounding The Hex Core Mk2 takes us from dusty, forgotten past to the distant future, changing the bardic songs sparkling in the flashes of electronic signals, distorted voices of soulless machines. Danny Lohner aka Renholder well known as Nine Inch Nails gutars/keybords provides vocals, producing and mix of that track
The vocal of Jorne Lande returns to the expanses of old legends, telling about The Bloodthirster in a manner that combines sensuality, power and melody, captivating fascinating sound.
The musical canvas Frozen Heart is somewhat accelerated, pouring into pulsating passages, at first Jorn Lande dominates the vocal parts, Noora Louhimo complements it with the shades of its phrases. Then they change roles.
Rapid Firecannon sweeps music in a fast, sharp and furious drive, Per Johansson (vocals of Ureas and Third Eye bands) complements this musical extravaganza with feelings and emotions. The majestic symphony Blade of the Ruined King completes the album, combining the choir, orchestral passages with the drive of energetic music, rock opera and inspiring to find out - who will you be in this league, which of the legends?