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The beginning of the end heralds the fall of the sun

February 27, 2021
Fallensun - The Wake Of The Fall

Exploding with the furious energy of a frantic drive, the Enervation composition retreats with musical fury from soft romantic tunes, then combining power and energy with musical melodism with the introduction of vocals. But then The Language, Death, Eternal music and vocals explode in a storm of fierce fury with a melodic guitar solo.
The melodic romance of the Fallensun - The Wake Of The Fall album's title track weaves into a musical ballad, but then the vocals appeal to the frenetic drive of the musical thriller. But then the music and vocals are intertwined in an enchanting dance, anticipating the development of the epic saga in vivid musical motives and the vocal part of the Searching The Darkened Skies song.
The rhythmic procession of the musical charm of the Beyond The Grave track's intro precedes the mid-tempo procession of the mesmerizing musical anthem, which condenses the sound with rhythmic drum rolls before the introduction of the vocals, calling for a certain acceleration of the musical tempo. The vocal part is dominated by screaming, sometimes hardening to growling. Especially noteworthy is the melodic charm of the guitar solo of the instrumental part, anticipating the completion of the album with the Invisible Light instrumental symphony.