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Everyone will eventually come to the slaughter

May 13, 2023
Licantropia - Caedes

An intriguing mysterious Presagio intro envelops the first steps of the Licantropia - Caedes album in an impenetrable haze, which are then pierced and torn apart in deadly swiftness by the deadly dance of the fierce drive of the Prision Mental musical thriller.
In an exciting combination of musical passages and vocal phrases, the Ultimo Aliento composition lifts the vocal part to the crests of musical waves, complementing this inspiration with bright guitar solos and then bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image of the El Tiempo No Volvera introduction, embellishing the sound with enchanting guitar solos of instrumental bridges and the unity of vocal music in the choruses.
The musical canvas of the Foso De Hienas composition rolls out its passages along the path of the procession of the vocals story, progressively varying the rhythm and style, continuing similar artistic exercises in the Sunset Of Existence song, in which the vocal lyrics change the language from Spanish to English.
A fast-paced musical race precedes the introduction of vocals with intriguing passages, thereby combining music and vocals in a joint musical stream of the Demonios En El Aire composition. Especially worth noting is the bewitching melodic charm of the guitar solo of the instrumental part. The En Mis Venas bard saga fascinates with the combination of epic shades and exciting musical drive and inspired vocal storytelling, that precedes the buzzing guitar solo of the introduction of the title track, concluding the Caedes album with the story of a fascinating musical fairy tale.