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The battle between good and evil is timeless and infinite

December 29, 2018
Aspired Infliction - The Undying

Preamble A Fighting Spirit Never Dies drum beat calls for a fighting spirit, then vocal and the harsh sound of the drive demonstrates the militant essence and armed mood of the Aspired Infliction - The Undying album. The vocal part weaves screaming and growling together so inspiringly that it is difficult to point out the dominant role of any of the vocal styles of the album. In the middle of the composition, after a viscous viscous march, the growling comes to the forefront of the musical image as in the first verse, again weaving with screaming in the final.
The pulsating twilight of the mid-tempo march stirs up anxiety and foreboding, rolling on in a pulsing procession of Blood on the Battlefield verse and supplementing the composite image with jerks of bridges and choruses.
Inspiring non-beliefs, aspirations and ascending into the glittering palaces of heaven, the A Faceless Memory intro continues with vocal vocal phrases, which complement, support and encourage musical passages, preparing for the eternal battle of light and darkness.
The indistinct fog of unconscious inspiration from the introduction continues with a rebellious forcing verse, returning to the gloomy romance in the chorus. Then this alternation is repeated, completing the Last Lament composition with a clear statement.
Exciting guitar solo of the Withering Light intro embodies the hopes and prayers, vocal complements this enchanting melody, transforming the song into an inspired romantic ballad. but then instrumental passages whip up the tempo and develop the given motive in the alternation of restrained drive of the verses and brooding reflections of bridges in front of the choruses. The enchanting melody of the intro is replaced by vague doubts of the Enemies of Life verse, in which the vocals whip up a wave of dense mid-tempo drive experiences. But in the chorus, the experiences are interlaced with a fascinating tape of melodic musical passages. A simple and exciting motive, manifested in the introduction continues with a pulsating march, then evolving into the Immortal Ascension main motive, enthralling the story with laces of musical shades. In the instrumental bridge in front of the chorus, a broken progressive passage introduces a sense of change, but the composition ends with the same youth drive. The wolf's howl separates the compositions, continuing Apathetic Totality with a mysterious, gloomy haze, introducing additional shades to the stylistic features of the album. However, the vocal returns the flow of music to the expected scope.
Twisting the vocal part with the main motive Grave Offering composition rolls a changeable wave of average tempo, enveloping the feelings of vocals with the turns of guitar passages and elevating the sensations in the chorus to a new level.
The furious drive of Wretched Hive intro rolls in a mysterious wave of a middle tempo verse pulsing with marching inserts of the bridge, ending with a magnificent chorus anthem, ending the album with encouraging anticipations.