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The awakening of ellysium

February 16, 2023
Ellysium - Long Forgotten Dreams

The ringing of bells with a variety of guitar passages begins the Ellysium - Long Forgotten Dreams album with the Falling Asleep instrumental intro that sets the musical motives for its further development, crowned with the vocal phrases of the Full Moon composition. Weaving the musical canvas of the main motive in the introduction, The Raven song then marches along it with a rhythmic vocals march.
The swift flight of the guitar solo intro carries the Straight Out of Hell vocals story along the indicated path, continuing with the harsh, rhythmic and meaningful Long Walk march. But then the guitar riffs are pushed to the forefront of the Immortal One musical artwork, giving the vocal story the shades of a bard saga.
Soaring in a whirlwind of impetuous drive, the Flat Line composition crowns its flight with vocal phrases, anticipating the development of musical drive in the furious sound of the Memento Mori musical thriller, then captivating with the unity of melody and drive in the sound of the Ellysium musical fairy tale.
Artistically and mesmerizingly, the (Per Aspera) Ad Astra composition weaves a sparkling musical canvas for further vocals progress, meaningfully and rhythmically paving the way for The Pact musical agreement, culminating in echoes of the album's introduction in its The Awakening finale.