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The ages of forgiveness ends with insurmountable insults

October 05, 2019
Mgła - Age of Excuse

The compositions of Mgła - Age of Excuse concept album are faceless - and carry numbers, like sections of a historical chronicle or chapters of an unread book.
First, Age of Excuse I erects the ghostly walls of an obscure twilight, enveloping vocal phrases with the enchanting twilight of the haze of a musical canvas. The final part of the composition raises the proud banner of readiness to meet with any enemy. Then these banners flutter with even greater grandeur, raising the passages of the Age of Excuse II main motive above the gloomy obscurity, bewitching and inspiring it with sounding to exploits and unbridled courage.
Musical passages swirls Age of Excuse III vocal phrases with ghostly conjectures, entwined with invisible trends of mysterious obscurity and weaved together in a bewitching musical stream. Driving unrestrained waves of musical passages, the Age of Excuse IV main motive envelops vocal narratives with whirlwinds of guitar variations, creating a bewitching musical image.
Wrapping up the intro with the atmosphere of a majestic solemn anthem, Age of Excuse V creates the foundation for the further development of musical composition, exploding in waves of severe drive, shrouded in sparkling notes of melody. Age of Excuse VI completes the album in a style similar to the previous composition - first setting a leisurely solemn symphony, then pumping up the waves of marching drive, somewhat restraining the speed of the pace.