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Any empire and nationality reaches its limit

October 06, 2019
Hellfrost - Extinction

The title track begins the Hellfrost - Extinction album in a marching march, confidently and irresistibly marching with the pulsating heartbeat of the verse and bringing proud pride to the chorus, waving banners of courage and inspiration. A brief passage of the charm of the Lost Generation introduction is replaced by the gloomy doubt of the restrained mid-tempo drive, which takes the vocal narrative to the forefront of the musical narrative, enveloping the vocal phrases of the chorus with enchanting sparks of guitar solo.
Continuing the musical essence of the album with a persistent mid-tempo march, the music of The Demonologist song envelops the harsh vocal phrases with the enchanting melody of guitar variations. Dance of Destruction transforms the musical composition with a swirling whirlwind of entry, then walking along the verge of an average and fast tempo, transforming the verse’s vocals into a more severe and gloomy one.
Strictly and irresistibly marching on a stubborn march along the path of the main motive, the Sentinel music complements the sound with bewitching whirlwinds of guitar passages. Sweeping up the whirlwind of the fast drive at the Desert of Skeletons introduction, the vocals entwined with guitar strings in the verse continue the furious resistance race of the evil undead, then the music transforms the composition into a medium-tempo dark anthem of the instrumental bridge, combining these contrasts in the chorus and the final part unite.
Pulling stubborn and severe wave of musical accompaniment Escape from Planet Earth pushes vocals to the forefront of the musical narrative, complementing its significant tales with the charm of guitar solos. The guitar solo captivates with a bewitching improvisation in the introduction, then the main motive crowns the harsh and emotional vocal phrases with guitar notes. From the Tombs Then somewhat facilitates the sound of music, bringing to the forefront of the musical image a vocal narrative, also less severe, paying tribute and honor to the legends of epic heavy metal. But Facing the Void completes the album with a fast, rampant drive, incredibly tightening and hardening, inspiring the pursuit of adventure, wanderings and battles.