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In the days of technology, there are spell machines

October 04, 2019
Essence of Datum - Spellcrying Machine

Fascinating with an intriguing introduction, Synthetic Soul Extractor rolls the canvas of an epic musical narrative, enveloping the beginning of the Essence of Datum - Spellcrying Machine album with enchanting echoes of ancient legends and enchanting shades of forgotten tales. Then the music absorbs the influences of fairy tales, completing the composition with a stern march of black knights.
Starting instrumental variations with mysterious echoes of mystical trends, Shikari Algorithm then chooses the path of the main motive, enveloping it with vortices of musical variations and varying the density of the musical stream. Developing epic variations of fairy tales echoes Pendulum rises with majestic canvases of solemn anthems, embodying the distant echoes of memories of heroic sagas and fascinating forgotten tales. After the majestic and impressive musical variations, the acoustic charm of Vitality song envelops the bewitching covers of bardic legends, sparkling with an acoustic guitar chime.
The introduction of Spellcryer song, partly embodying the title of the album, continues the bewitching chime of romantic guitar motifs, then transforming into an uncontrolled stream of uncontrollable drive, entwining swift race of the main motive with vortices of guitar passages.
Flying away from the whirlwinds of a swift drive, Binar escalates the gloomy waves of trials and adventures, then transforms into the romantic charm of a guitar solo in the leisurely bliss of memories and impressions. Starting with the echoes of oriental musical motifs, Cavum Atrum then elevates the majestic banner of epic legends, enveloping the completion of the album with the enchanting atmosphere of heroic sagas.