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The accusation of misconception denies the appeal

March 21, 2021
Scythe Beast - Indicted For Misconception

A whirlwind of guitar solo weaves a vivid picture of the King Of A Dead Land main motive, then winding a tunnel of sparkling guitar passages around the obstinate vocal proclamations of verses and raising the banners of the solemn melody of the choruses. In the middle of the composition, the music fades into the background for a majestic march of a vocal monologue. After the intriguing mystery of the introduction, the Kill Machine continues the musical narration of the Scythe Beast - Indicted For Misconception album with musical passages of a mid-tempo march soaring from side to side. The Soulicide begins with a majestic procession of a squad of valiant knights, complementing the rhythmic pulsations of the majestic hymn with harsh vocal phrases. But then the music and vocals accelerate in pursuit of the musical thriller, uncontrollably thickening and hardening the sound in the instrumental bridges, again returning in the finale to a leisurely procession honoring melody.
The harsh and tight guitar solo of the Colonize intro delivers harsh waves of unstoppable drive. The vocal part immediately comes to the fore of the musical image of the Indicted Of Misconception album's title composition, carrying away the musical drive to follow the path indicated by the vocal phrases. The guitar solo creates the Signs Of The Decline atmosphere of mystical intrigue, which is then complemented by dense rhythmic passages and a fierce vocal rage, ...For The Love Of God continues the motives of the previous composition, transforming them into solemn motives of the majestic hymn. But the vocal part brings rebellious notes and readiness to appear before any opponent and pass any trials.
Twisting the intriguing mystery of the guitar solo of the intro, the Truth Beyond then unrestrainedly carries the hit motive into the musical stream. The Scapegoat composition puts the final point in the album in a style similar to the previous composition. But in the chorus the epic narration of a wise storyteller sounds.