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Nothing can stop the wrath of this day

March 21, 2021
Skold - Dies Irae

Vocal reflections begins the Skold - Dies Irae album in a twilight atmosphere, complementing the musical essence of the Dirty Horizon composition with oriental motifs of a guitar solo. The Unspoken continues the musical narration, as if transferring romantic sensual thoughts into the electronic spaces of the distant future. The The End Is Near builds a compositional structure on oriental motives, bringing in the vocal phrases of the verse the influences of the source of inspiration in music.
Shamanic rituals are heard with the Terrified chimes of echoes of distant antiquity, intertwining in a bewitching dance with vocal reflections. But futuristic impulses of electronic motives are intertwined with notes of saddened romance of the Love Is A Disease song. Soaring in the unrestrained energy of youthful drive and swagger, the This Is The Way track again brings the spicy winds of hot deserts to the guitar solo of the instrumental part.
Embodying the peculiarities of musical sound in its name, the Silicon Dreams song combines vocal reflections with lifeless techno-beating pulsations and turns of electronic artistry. The As Above So Below rolls over the sensual atmosphere of a romantic ballad, bringing vocal narration to the forefront of the sound of the verse and twilight wraps of musical mystery in the chorus. Vocal mystery is combined with the twilight atmosphere of musical passages in a procession through the Kill Yourself song's twilight atmosphere entwined with the ghosts of invisible fields. The Goodbye concludes the album with an inspired ballad that sets the mood for future performances.