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That will reveal true point of view

April 20, 2022
Deep Shining High - Guided by the Blues

After the symphonic intrigue of the introduction, the Give Me More composition raises the banners of the desire for adventure without retreating from trials and difficulties, continuing this in the swift whirlwind of the Deep Shining High - Guided by the Blues title track, wrapping around the vocal rebellion with a whirlwind of guitar delights and the search for melodic charm.
The rebellious anthem of the Confession song brings the unity of the vocals phrases to the forefront of the sound, then weaving the Mademoiselle De Marseille main motive in a single whirlwind with vocals reflections.
Persistently, captivating and unrestrained, the Stay Away draws you into a dance of sparkling drive, anticipating the chorus with gloomy riffs, continuing in the main motive of the Two Voices composition.
Hammering in the rhythmic tread of a mid-tempo drive, the A Goddamn Thing then uprises the vocals experience to the top of musical sound. Mysterious vocal anticipations are then combined with the constant transformation of expectations into the rebelliousness of the Catch Myself song.
The All the Crap intro's bright guitar solo takes you into the whirlwind of an unstoppable storm, anticipating the Robbers echoes of memories of past wanderings and the No Future final track of the album.