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Sacred mystery is known to few

April 21, 2022
Occults -  Sacred Heart (EP)

The musical persistence and mystery of the main motive evoke the mysterious reflections of the Ghost Town vocals, then in the chorus raising the sparkling and bright banners of the further Occults - Sacred Heart (EP) musical procession, combining mystery and charm.
After an intriguing introduction, the Prayers track wraps the vocal reflections in clouds of twilight haze, retreating before the vocals romanticism in the chorus.
The epic charm of musical motifs embodied in modern musical interpretations captivates with the unity of eras and genres in the sound of the Physical composition.
Rhythmic pulsations set the heartbeat of the Little Joy song, then picking up the main motive on the wings of romantic illusory mystical entities.
Raising the shades of romantic mood the Neon Hideaway ballad raises the banners of sparkling sensuality and melodic charm, anticipating the grandeur of the melodic charm and mesmerizing sound of the Sacred Heart album's title track, which gives this romantic atmosphere a wider sphere of mystery.