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That will break all rulles

January 02, 2022
Wicked Sensation - Outbreak

The narrator's warnings of threatening dangers on the Mission Timewalker journeys act as an introduction to the Wicked Sensation - Outbreak album, then combining music and vocals in the Starbreaker vigorous mid-tempo dance.
The music takes you on a journey through the dusky mystery of the Child of Sorrow musical tale, then enchanting you with the enchanting talent and incredible artistry of the Light in the Dark (feat. Gus G.) guest guitarist.
The music and vocals of the Satisfy Temptation composition fascinate with their versatility and embodiment of an incredible variety of stylistic and genre shades. The Breaking Away song captivates with its artistry and at times uprises the keyboard suites to the crests of musical waves.
Bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, the Face Reality sound takes you on a journey and adventure in the expanse of dreams. Insistent, rebellious, and assertive, the Hide Away track advances the ideas it conceives.
The pressure and insistence of the unyielding sound of the Jaded Lady mid-tempo march leaves no choice as to who to follow in the chosen path. The vocal duo of the Step into the Light song walks the line between ballad and vocal revelation. The Tomorrow symphonic ballad completes the album with an artistry of melodic charm.