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Giants laws have a different shores

January 01, 2022
Wombbath -  Agma

Immediately bursting with uncontrollable frenzy of furious drive the The Law of Everything song opens the musical gateway of the Wombbath - Agma album, tuning it up for a martial and energetic sounding, somewhat thickening, hardening and darkening the sound of the At the Giants Feet composition, continuing these mystical echoes of ancient legends and legends in the sounding of The Seventh Seal track.
The intro guitar solo captivates with melodic artistry, then augmented by the Inquisition Reborn vocals narrative, fiercely brutalizing the musical sound in the Blindly They Follow dark anthem, rhythmically and harshly adding musical fury to the vocal depth and significance, accentuating these traits and vocal features in A World of Destruction mid-tempo march.
The dusky fury of the Misantropi Och Forakt sound brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, enveloping the vocal phrases in a shroud of twilight mystery. The guitar solo of the Breathe in the Flames intro foreshadows the further development of the musical variations. The majestic symphonism extends the stylistic framework of the album, giving sublime and inspired charm to the sound of The Age of Death composition.
Preserving the epic echoes, the Oh Fire of Hate song intrigues with a mysterious introduction, then combines the twilight mysteries of ritual chants with the fury of a powerful musical drive. Beginning with the romanticism of bardic tunes, the In Decay They Shall All Fester song then combines these echoes with the power and energy inherent in this musical style. The Divine Pain track immediately explodes with the furious fury of an unrestrained musical thriller.
After an intriguing introduction, The Dead and the Dying song immediately brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, continuing the vocal dominance in the Departure from the Light sound, alternating with the musical artistry of the instrumental bridges. The Scorned Existence march crowns the vocal significance and musical solemnity with bright violin solos and artistic musical variations. The On a Path of Repulsion song closes the album with a vivid musical thriller.