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That was not made for us

April 10, 2021
Zornik -  Less > More

Thoughtful vocal reflections, then transforming into a charming duet, begin the musical narration of the Zornik - Less > More album with music of the Endlessly gentle and brooding ballad. The Mad Not Made For You chime of an acoustic guitar creates a sense of the influence of bardic songs, complementing the musical variations with enigmatic chimes of bells. Keeping the romantic atmosphere of the sound, the Smiling In The Sun transforms the stylistic variations of the sound with the echoes of the French chanson.
The annoying chime of acoustic guitar strings sounds like the In A While traveling song of an experienced wanderer, marching towards more and more new adventures. The pacifying tenderness of the Society's Illusion acoustic ballad envelops the vocal pardue and guitar chimes in covers of soft keyboards artistry, complemented by the melodies of violin tenderness. While maintaining the acoustic structure of the sound, the Mission Man song brings shades of doubt in vocal phrases and the obscure mystery of romantic thoughts.
Whipping up anticipations of the coming changes, the Down By The Riverside crowns the energetic chime of the guitar strings with inspired vocal reflections, focusing the vocal part on the main vocal. Vocal doubts recede, focusing on a gentle waltz, combining vocals in the I Wonder Why chorus in a duet. Guitar passages of the Boy In Stone song complement the stylistic framework of the album with country-style echoes. The Anybody Else concludes the release with soft vocal reflections, refreshed by brooding keyboard notes.