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Addict oneself in love for memories

April 10, 2021
Myrvandrer -  Myrvandrer

The pacifying serenity of musical reverie entwines the listeners with A Place Only We Know atmosphere of serenity and meditation, complementing the muted musical symphony with wordless chants and starting the incredibly serenity of the musical variations of the Myrvandrer - Myrvandrer album. Mystical echoes of obscure guesses bring a mysterious mystery to musical tunes and distant and hidden vocals exercises.
In the Do You Love Me, Or My Memory? track's musical atmosphere, echoes of sensuality and twilight reflections of lost emotional ties are manifested, enveloping with veils of thoughts and reflections of vague doubts. But the sound does not bring echoes of sad experiences, it only wraps around with sparks of obscure mysteries.
The Eulogy For Our Youth mystery of wordless chants envelops in a haze of ghostly whirlwinds, enveloping in a halo of mystical mystery, complemented by the sound of vocal melodies reminiscent of ritual chants. The Worse Than Dead, They Never Were track concludes the music release, combining the soothing melodies of an invisible fairy with soft and brooding waves of musical calm that uplifts an atmosphere of equilibrium.