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In the garden is growing so many different

April 09, 2021
Ryan Dugre  -  Gardens

A soft and insignificant guitar solo sets the direction for the development of the Parade inspiring instrumental tenderness that continues the sound of the Ryan Dugre - Gardens album with the soft and gentle tunes of the Obscure Cast romantic ballad.
The soft chiming of guitar strings brings the Nameless Here echoes of distant memories of their native places, continuing with gentle guitar motifs that creates the Down By Old River I Lie track's sensual peace.
Playing guitar strings fingering riffs of the Elliot song is combined with intermittent echoes of forgotten mysteries. The Mute Swan pulsating notes brings Japanese influences to the album's music scene.
Musical variations are woven in the Only To Leave, Only To Pleaselace of thoughtful reflections, creating the ahead ofe the development of the Pindrip mysterious fairy tale with a mystical chime of guitar mysteries.
Soft guitar passes creates the Thought Of Looking Back Again atmosphere of peaceful thoughtful, ending the encouraging sound of the West Coast Of Clare final album composition.