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That is like refuge from fear and distress

February 02, 2019
Stuart Smith - War Horse

The title track begins the Stuart Smith - War Horse album, intertwining several musical genres into a single narrative, introducing the musical accompaniment of the trends of ancient legends with a certain touch of folklore style, introducing emotions and experiences with vocal phrases.
Enveloping the atmosphere of epic artistry Burn for You fascinates and inspires with sound, introducing some spiritual inspiration in the final part and anticipating a return to the memories of native places, fully embodied in the sound of the Esmeralda composition, as if a family gathering sits on the verandah of a native nest, remembering and discussing the experienced events and passed stages of personal development. Stop the Clock continues the development of country trends, rolling waves of enchanting romance.
Dark waves of anxiety complement the style of the album with a psychedelic tinge, pulsating with hidden anxieties and experiences that come to the fore in instrumental bridges and complement vocal experiences with a twilight background. But in the chorus, the vocal raises hopes and inspiration, although it completes with the tired accent the name of the Long Drive composition.
Continuing the trends of thoughtful anxiety, Tell You a Story composition asks a question, the answer to which predetermines the development of the situation - the vocals in the chorus envelop with a trend of hope and inspiration, but pulsating doubts shrouded in artistic keyboard passages return the haze of doubts in the instrument bridges.
A pacified romance envelops the atmosphere of thoughtful calm, removing anxiety and hardship from the Stop a While vocal thoughts.
Ballad Beg, Borrow, & Steal complements peace with more diverse musical content, vocals juggle with emotional experiences and feelings, like sparkling Christmas toys.
Keyboard passages interlace with guitar fingering breaks in a fascinating, artistic lace of inspirational accompaniment, bringing the These Ashes vocal part to the top of a listener's attention.
The song about the Hummingbird completes the album with a fascinating romance, complementing the enigma of the instrumental passages with violins and the background of orchestral charm.