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If the clouds were not so far away

February 03, 2019
Crowhill Tales - If I Were A Crow

The pensive instrumental symphony Intro begins the Crowhill Tales - If I Were A Crow album with a haze of gloomy romance, the savana covers of ghostly temptations and vague inspiration.
But a wave of rampant rage sweeps up an uncontrollable stream of drive into the Lost For The World intro, then the vocals alternates between swift passages and a scream growl and dense thoughtful parts with deep growling. Instrumental bridges complement the composition with a thoughtful melody.
The romance, full of sadness, envelops with an invisible mist of vague doubts, the Suicidal Generation vocals pensively stalks along with pensive motives, then exploding with a stream of dark drive along with musical passages. But charming melodies pierce the gloomy covers of the drive, sparkling with radiant inspiration.
A soft melody sets the atmosphere for Shattered Harmony charming ballad, but then the music develops into a powerful stream of mid-tempo drive, enveloping vocal phrases with triumphant power of significance. Then the vocals alternate the growling hues, the music introduces explosions of swiftness, but again and again returns to the leisurely narration of the ballad.
Several songs of the album were originally created with Hungarian lyrics, but were translated into English for publication in the album. A Let Elviselhetetlen Szurkesege retained the original title, bewitching the charming instrumental symphony.
After the instrumental composition, the vocal in the Imagined Evolution immediately explodes with violent anger, fiercely whipping up the screams along with the pulsing heartbeat of the musical organism, which drives the mid-tempo waves.
The title If I Were A Crow track begins with thoughtful reflections of clean vocals, shrouded in romantic musical twilight. But in the completions of musical measures, growling is shown, anticipating the further development of the composition. Keeping the same romantic, the vocals harden the sound, but in the instrumental mote the piano charms with the romantic mystery, complementing the mystery of the sound and enveloping the perception of a mysterious symphony anticipating the further development of the song.
Slowly rolling out a canvas of romantic thoughts, Distressed slowly develops a volatile musical narration, but then transforms the completion of the album into an alternation of a mid-tempo march wrapped around a vocal alternation with a meaningful pulsating sound. In instrumental bridges the main motive again and again comes to the fore.