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Templars! We have to raze all wicked towns to ashes and dust!

June 14, 2017
Infinitas (CHE) - Civitas Interitus

The muffled whisper, confession or meditation The Die Is Cast transforms into a throbbing melody with fairy chants starting the beginning of the Infinitas (CHE) - Civitas Interitus album.
Witch's screaming combines with her reflections at Alastor, miraculously interwoven with musical delights in so brilliant musical manner!
The charming melody of the Samael main motive captivates you into an unrestrained pursuit of the path that wishes to folow its signs. In the vocal passages, the emotional and sensual female vocals have supplemented from time to time with male screams and in the chorus by chants of guards, that envelops her phrases with their support.
So fascinating, enchanting instrumental motive entails following his delights, developing into an excellent symphony, completing the introduction of Labartu, next changeable vocal parties and diverse and so charming instrumental ideas creates so bright and attractive song! Melancholic, thoughtful significant instrumental ballad Aku Aku carries away in the riddles of its reflections.
The noise of the waves crashing on the severe coastal cliffs calls for an energetic Skylla drive that forms the basis for a charming and charming melody that rushes like a disembodied spirit over the sea.
Rudra even more saturates and compacts the sound, female vocal breaks out of the dense and rigid palette of musical rabies with bright and sparkling flashes, the cries of male vocals brings its own hue to this song! Demoness completes the composition with her harsh and stiff sentences.
Medieval motifs of wandering bards, court minstrels and oriental merchants are weaved into a bright, sparkling Morrigan canvas. Then the waves of enchanting drive overcome the charm, but ancient melodies and delightful vocal passages, alternating opera style and stern harsh - can not leave anyone indifferent!
The melancholic, inspired and thoughtful motif of the violin carries with it the guitar parts that surround him with their riffs in Amon intro. Then the guitars increases the power and fury of the sound, attracting to their side the vocal part. Then the pace is sharply accelerated, supplementing the song's dance with an impulsive and zealous drive. But in the chorus the drive goes into power and clarity, to turns into final rush in the last verse.
Calmly, deliberately and slowly starting, A New Hope completes the album so meaningfully that it becomes like a separate creation, combining a variety of styles, a lot of musical ideas and innumerable impressions! It is unrealistic to describe that - everyone in this composition will hear what is pleasing to him!