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Taste it - to understand and realize

January 22, 2020
Blanck Mass - Animated Violence Mild

Conversations, disputes and discussions of the Intro track begins the narrative of the Blanck Mass - Animated Violence Mild album, then developing in an artistic interweaving of sparkling Death Drop musical passages, a storm of electronic sparks introducing the spirit of ancient epics and mysterious sagas. The vocals complements the musical passages with a muffled rattle of distorted screaming.
ocals explodes the House vs. HouseV atmosphere with fierce screaming, then electronic impulses are combined in a duet of croaking, then these echoes are covered by a cover of bewitching symphony transformed by futuristic musical impulses. The vocals are manifested in a dreamy image of a sparkling prince, enchanting with the tunes of clean vocals.
Muffled pulsation opens extravaganza of the Hush Money as a dance music, captivating into the realm of rhythm and exciting melodics. Continuing the transformation of musical styles Love Is a Parasite reveals a certain transformation of the romanticism of melodic metal.
Twisted in an atmosphere of wanderings and adventures Creature / West Fuqua in the final part is transformed into a soft chime of a srun and obscure, wordless tunes. Returning to the romantic mystery, No Dice envelops in ghostly images of obscure shadows, preserving the echoes of oriental mystery and the prayers of Tibetan monks. But the Wings of Hate finishes the album with a stream of musical swiftness, transforming with electronic shades the sound characteristic of the epic power metal style's music.