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Tales and legends recreate the elements of being

March 21, 2020
Demons & Wizards - III (Deluxe Edition)

Mysterious musical motifs are entangled in invisible ways of the Diabolic mystical atmosphere, accelerating the pace of musical narration with the introduction of vocals. Invincible continues the Demons & Wizards - III (Deluxe Edition) (CD 1) album with an epic ballad, bringing vocal reflections to the forefront of the musical image. Intensifying the gloomy mystery with musical waves and obscure background chants, the Wolves in Winter song's music artistically combines mesmerizing melody and restrained ripples of drive.
The vocals dominates the Final Warning musical narrative, progressively transforming the rhythmic structure of the composition into the greatness of the epic saga. A soft chime of acoustic guitar strings envelops pensive vocal reflections in a romantic atmosphere, creating the charm of the Timeless Spirit bard saga. Mid-tempo Dark Side of Her Majesty marching pulsations elevate the vocal part to the crest of musical waves, complementing it with background chorales. The majestic procession of the musical passages of the epic anthem is complemented by vocal phrases that emotionally and variably narrate the Midas Disease fairy tale.
The music is full of aspirations for adventure, but the vocal part supplements it with significance, enveloping the axis of the New Dawn main motive with vortices of fascinating charisma. The bewitching mystery of a thoughtful saga slowly rolls a musical canvas, later raising a chalice of emotionality with the Universal Truth vocals and chorus music. Introducing furious drive into the Splitmusic again, the album continues to sound like a powerful thriller, adorned with the charm of vocal artistry. Children Of Cain closes the album with an epic saga that builds a musical concept around a vocal dialogue, sometimes introducing a whirlwind of inspirational drive music topped with vocal experiences.
But this release is supplemented by the initial versions of two compositions of the album - Final Warning (Demo) and Children Of Cain (Demo), giving some certain significance.
In addition, this digipack contains the Demons & Wizards - III (Deluxe Edition) (CD 2: Instrumentals) disc representing instrumental versions of the compositions.