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Every story has a beginning and an end

March 21, 2020
Anima (MEX) - Waiting For The End

After a thoughtful passage of intro Imminent Collapse explodes with a stream of furious drive, then entwined with vocal phrases the axis of the main motive. Immediately supplementing the musical passages with twilight vocal phrases Beneath the Tempest continues the Anima (MEX) - Waiting For The End album with the dark power of a mystical twilight, complementing the growling dominant in the vocal part with screaming phrases. Instrumental bridges explode with a furious drive, but sometimes vocals and music add an atmosphere of mystical mystery.
Keeping the atmosphere of mysticism, Devoured in Silence complicates the rhythm section, introducing shades of progressive improvisations into music. Twisted in the playful dance of introduction All You Can See with the introduction of vocals, it rolls the rhythmic waves of a harsh march, crowning the atmosphere of a dark anthem with musical mystery. Racing in a swift flight of rampant entry and instrumental bridges, the Blackest Night vocals hinder the rapid development of musical passages.
A saddened by gloomy mystery romance Monarch walks with ghostly obscurity, complementing the main vocal part with obscure background chats of ghostly obscurity. But Entropy returns to the powerful drive, dividing the measures into the initial passages and rhythmic summing up, and then exploding with a dense rhythmic angry drive. The rapid drive of the Sacred Geometry musical assault is complemented by guitar solos of instrumental bridges, adding notes of mystery, complemented by vocal sacrament.
The round dance of the Broken Dreams main motive sets the direction for the development of the vocal part, taking the vocal parts into a procession on the verge between a mid-tempo narration and a fast drive, performed by instrumental bridges. In the middle of the composition, the wise narration of the storyteller appears, ending with a malleable and twilight procession. Twisted from side to side the musical narrative Master of Lies complements the vocal part with notes of screaming, from time to time departing from growling. The siren howl begins the Waiting for the End title track, ending the album with a swift flight of musical drive, which is hampered by harsh vocal phrases.