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January 11, 2022
TUSQ -  Rarities & Outtakes

After a brief reflection of the introduction, the I Have Asked The Byrds song raises the inspired banners of inspired vocal reflection. The Not Today But Tomorrow track continues the TUSQ - Rarities & Outtakes album's musical narrative with a clear vocal dominance, complementing the main vocals with background chorales in musical bridges.
The rebellious insistence of the musical collaborators creates a twilight atmosphere in the Counting Sheep intro, with the main vocals lurking in a haze of musical mystery. The guitar solo weaves together the musical lace of the Clocks Quit Ticking leitmotif, complemented by soft, gentle and romantic vocal musings, after which the Letter Of Recommendation song is filled with waves of insistent understated drive with echoes of country-style in the guitar solos and vocal part.
The vocal part comes to the forefront of the Different Planet (Eu Te Amo Session) (Feat. Vallada) musical image, at first encircled by a soft guitar solo, then uniting with all the instrumental parts in a single musical flow, complementing the main vocals with a duet with the singing lady. The insistent guitar solo of the Continental Drift composition brings the true and unsurpassed free spirit of rock'n'roll to the sound of the album.
Once again, the guest musician transforms the sound, bringing touches of electronic musical variations and the futuristic sound of the Blocks And Bricks (Pitchtuner Rmx) (Feat. Pitchtuner) track, returning to epic motifs and echoes of folk rebellion in the sound of the Watching Myself song, which foreshadows the inspired conclusion of the album with the Fortune(Tv Trama Brazil) (Feat. Eletrofan) composition.