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Keep everything inside at all times

January 11, 2022
Agarthic - The Inner Side

Inspirational and uplifting music and vocal proclamations of the The Beginning of All song raise the majestic banners of the musical procession of the Agarthic - The Inner Side album. The Ancient Secret Scroll composition complements the musical sound with echoes of an ancient fairy tale, enchanting with artistic guitar solos and sublime keyboards variations of symphonic charm.
Keyboard artistry enchants with orchestrated symphony already in the A Journey To The End Of The World intro, then enveloping the emotional vocals narrative with sparkling covers of musical symphonies. A Heaven Inside This Earth composition begins with the mysterious chiming of keyboards solos, then brings mystical echoes of guitar and vocal experiences to the brooding sensuality of an epic ballad.
The musical sound weaves the mesmerizing canvas of the Through the Mystical Forest epic saga, combining musical mystery with vocal inspiration in progressive musical artistry, immediately complements the musical development of the Message from the Gods song with a vocal part in a charming combination of brooding and romance, eclipsing the vocal part in the foreground of the musical image.
After the thoughtful symphonism of the introduction, the music and vocals rise in the joint whirlwind of the Back Home composition, then somewhat calming down the musical indignation and vocal emotion in the verse, coming back to a similar sound in the chorus. After a long and painstaking preparation at the beginning of the musical story, the Negotiations Failed song rolls out the canvas of its sound, twisting music and vocals in a single musical stream.
Swirling with a whirlwind of melodic drive in the Escape to Antartica intro, the music tunes up and prepares you for the adventures to come. But in the middle, the vocals lean toward thoughtful reflection, then return to their original sound. The symphonic keyboard solo captivates with the sound of the Last Journey romantic ballad, combining vocal sensuality and musical melody, foreshadowing the Illuminati's Reign album's final symphony.