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Symphony breaks through the darkness to the sun

May 27, 2017
Blackened Symphony - Blackened Symphony

Tales of ancient legends, myths and fairy-tales rise from obscurity to the sound of Blackened Symphony - Blackened Symphony !
A thoughtful instrumental introduction Slave Of Ourselves pushes into so mysterious nebula, intriguing with subsequent songs. Chain in the restrained but furious drive confidently, and at the same time romantic, marches through this fog, combining the sublime grand keyboards passages with the main motif, driven by clean vocals and rare additions with the growling.
Clean vocals starts the Looking Through Suicide story, then giving way to the leading of the growling - and coming back to the fore again. In this combination sensibility and rage passes all song.
With the confession and recognition of the beast that realized the darkness of its shadow the Frozen Sun begins. Then combining modern dance motifs, melodic tunes, clean vocals and growling creates the musical image over which kovers clouds of dreamy keyboards passages.
Ancient medieval motifs soars in modern, contemporary shapes in I Will Remember, alternating different vocal shades, enveloping them and rhythmic guitar riffs with sparkling melodic keyboards turns.
So soft, sensitive ballad Like A Butterfly's Life envelops in majestic and pleasant fetters, drawing thoughts and minds along the path indicated by her tunes.
After so romantic relaxation, Self Control breaks into the impetuous fury of the furious drive. But pure vocal pacifies furious impulses, giving honors to sensual romance, supported by tough and restrained instrumental breaks.
Powerful drive and embittered growling come to the fore of Rebellion, clean vocals inclusions and bright flashes of keyboards motifs adorns the music with their bright colors. Then the emotional clean vocal rises above the musical image, anticipating the charming and bright guitar solo and ultimately completing the composition.
So bright, exciting One Day melody immediately creates the significant and fascinating stream of the main motif around which the vocal styles are dazzlingly dancing.
40 Seasons Completes the album, leading the vocal main motive, circling in the sparks of bright and adorable keyboards and guitars frills.