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There's answer for any question - light arises within the darkness

May 26, 2017
Anathema (GBR) - The Optimist

In different ways you can perceive any events - Anathema (GBR) - The Optimist will show the most inspiring and charming way to you!
Brief introduction 32.63N 117.14W, heavy sighs and the sound of rain begins the album with their delicacy, crying in the radio waves to unrestrained and cosmic drive that have to Leaving It Behind. After some warm-up, emotional vocal phrases envelop the intriguing and enchanting atmosphere, then breaking into an unrestrained desire for violent and mysterious outbursts.
In this cal, enigmatic, romantical ballad Endless Ways singing lady comes to the fore, bringing a significant portion of the emotional sensual delights.
Title track The Optimist continues manner of the previous composition, replacing the main role of female vocals with male vocals foreground complementing it distant mythical tunes imaginary fairies, then the vocals unites in a single musical image.
Modern dance motifs, melancholic and sensual ballads have united in San Francisco song, creating so comprehensive musical plane for a diverse and unpredictable development of ideas in that instrumental saga.
The sensual, emotional ballad Springfield calls cosmic spaces, the universe pervades us through gentle and sensual instrumental motifs and wise vocal phrases of female vocals.
After the enchanting and furious ending of the last composition, swift and enchanting motifs replaces with thoughtful romance, slowly and thoughtfully beginning the Ghosts sounding. Intriguing, mysterious changeable motives creates the dance of sparkling lights that states that we Can't Let Go, alternating flashes and shine in its own and cosmic sound, supporting dreamy and thoughtful male vocals.
Unhurried, thoughtful instrumental breaks support the thoughts of female vocals in the mysterious intriguing atmosphere of the lounge and jazz of the 1930s during Close Your Eyes song.
Restrained, rare and distorted Wildfires vocal phrases motivates the instrumental component to change, but it keeps the chosen path 'till the end of track. In the instrumental part, guitars throw off the restraining fetters, toughening and pumping the power and heaviness into the sound, the vocals support this rush with its phrases.
Back To The Start diverse, stretched and meaningfully completes the album - this musical image itself would be able to create a separate canvas, combining various solutions