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Suffering is subject to cycles

February 21, 2020
Sylosis - Cycle of Suffering

After the mysterious intro Empty Prophets explodes in a stream of furious drive. In the final part of the composition, the vocal lifts the banners of melody. The soft motifs of the I Sever bard saga enters, then developing into the rapid rage of musical fury, adorned with melodic guitar solos. The title track continues the Sylosis - Cycle of Suffering album, swirling the vocal part with swirls of guitar riffs.
The Shield hit musical motif carries you into an unbridled dance, then captivating with the mesmerizing melody of the guitar solo of the introduction, followed by a mid-tempo procession of the Calcified valiant march. But music accelerates the pace and varies the rhythmic structure again and again.
Majestically marching in an intriguing introduction, Invidia weaves music and vocals in a single dance, then the mid-tempo introduction precedes the fast-moving phrases of vocal rage, returning to the mid-tempo anthem in the Idle Hands chorus. Wrapping the vocal part with swirls of guitar riffs Apex of Disdain is marching to the pulsating rhythm of the chorus, An acoustic guitar solo precedes development Arms Like a Noose into a furious musical thriller. At the same time, Devils in Their Eyes begins with a swift drive, bringing in the refrain the mesmerizing sound of mid-tempo melody.
The epic grandeur of ancient legends and fairy tales is wrapped in lace of the Disintegrate introduction, vocals accelerate the pace of musical narration. Abandon completes the album with the charm of an inspired ballad.