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Straight to the abyss of fear and terror

April 04, 2022
Magma (ESP) - Straight to Hell

Vocal narration is brought to the forefront of the musical image of the Children of the Night song, opening the musical gates of the Magma (ESP) - Straight to Hell album in combination with guitar solos summarizing the musical bars, continuing the vocal dominance in the sound of the The Mountain composition, in which guitar riffs give some echoes of mysterious premonitions and premonitions.
Music together with vocals captivate with an exciting unity in the sound of the Wolfman song, anticipating the twilight mystery of the Invaders musical omens, combining twilight anxiety with an assertive rhythmic musical drive.
After the twilight mystery, the Grumpy Old Man song returns again and again to commemorate its title. The whirlwind of the dance of the Raining Fire main motif anticipates the entry of vocals with intriguing reflections accompanying the vocal sound, then combining with the vocals in a joint dance.
The Straight to Hell title track envelops with an atmosphere of obscurity and mystery, then relies the musical essence on the accentuation of its name. The Vampires musical tale brings the vocal narrative of the storyteller to the forefront of the musical image, complementing its significance with musical passages of instrumental bridges.
The sound of the Wonderful Nights canto fascinates with the seductive aspects of evening and night entertainment and adventure in twilight romance, then revealing the Money Devil negative and dangerous aspect of these entertainments. The City composition completes the album with meaningful and unhurried reflections.