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The trail of cleanse through the confession zone

April 04, 2022
Lacrimae (GRC) - Contradiction

An intriguing musical introduction with a chirp reminiscent of Geiger's counter creates a revelry of presence in The Zone, enveloping with whirlwinds of invisible dangers and unexpected omens embodied in the musical essence of the Lacrimae (GRC) - Contradiction album.
After progressive improvisations of the introduction vocally, the narrative is brought to the forefront of the Confession musical narrative, bringing notes of variety shows and romantic chanson to the sound of the album. The acoustic guitar solo calls for the unity of music and vocals in the inspired sound of the Trail Of Cleanse epic saga, which draws you to the expanses of the events and foresight shades.
Again enchanting with the sounds of echoes of folklore legends, the Hidden East Shore instrumental composition draws attention to the spicy charm of oriental motifs. The Place Called Human Nature musical tale brings the vocal part back to the dominant role of musical narration, accompanied by vocal reflections with appropriate musical additions.
The progressive combination of symphonic musical covers and emotional phrases in a single musical stream gives The Architect composition a special artistic charm. Starting with a dotting and mysterious ballad, the Thoughtcrime song is then transformed into a versatile artistic dance of musical variations - which are so captivating to listening that they will leave each listener with individual and unique impressions, anticipating the completion of the album with the Ulysses (feat. Raphael Weinroth-Browne) symphonic suite with an atmosphere of charm with musical romance.