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Storm came - a vision abound

April 21, 2016
Norhod - Voices From The Ocean

Storm opens with its instumental path the Norhod - Voices From The Ocean.
Endless Ocean flows through the savannas without stops and delays! Thin women sick and screaming, screaming, screaming!
Mysterious, palpitating start of the The Abyss Of Knowledge then female vocals nauseous and we prophesy.
Acoustic guitar starts, instruments continues, elf princess forwards July Rain by their voices and their helpful participants.
The powerful rhythmic feeding of the Bleeding Path starts o the mighty vicious war'of'rewards! Hard'beat!
Begins from notes thrush of Son Of The Moon (A Moon Tale - Part VI) hard to listen it fully! Drive, groul tres to help! Dreamiest vocal parts replentish by the harshed vocans into the Farthest Dream that's calms out alle Timless chant's can't be divine - no perceptions on my mind for the Last Chant instrumental farewell to all!