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Stay without band - to inkeep safety for the sound

April 18, 2017
Lower Than Atlantis - Safe in Sound

Lyrics, romance and castles in the clouds are expressed in the Lower Than Atlantis - Safe in Sound artwork!
Had Enough Sharply, swiftly and clearly starting, turns out to be a captive of vocal phrases, but frees up the rage and power! Do not agree - thinking will be again and again! Powerfully and thoughtfully starting with a vocal confession, admits that these are words of the Dumb one.
The obtrusive, prolonged Long melody entrains a changeable confession, combining the vocals between the falsetto and the tenor - a dreamy ballad unites them.
Expectations and dreams can come true, but come back, like the Boomerang. Anxious story, combining joy from fulfilled desires and unpleasant expectation of inevitable consequences.
Hard, violent rhythmic strokes starts to Work for It, turning into an impatient confession. But they complete each sentence with their hard and furious blows, then turning into a powerful romantic narrative.
Country-style Could Be Worse Takes to the limits of unfulfilled fantasies, but a lasting and reliable way of life. Pointing - sometimes much better bird in your hand than a crane in the sky.
Desires, aspirations, fantasies, thoughts - are addressed, and what if I Would? The world would change, all flowers would blossom, the grass would turn green, the sky would be cleaner, the trees would be higher ... oh, if I only could.
Money refers to the blues and a bit of funk, creating an atmosphere of intriguing unfulfilled chances and unrealized opportunities. Why did not it happen - they are to blame for everything, only they!
Romance surrounds from all sides, a gentle voice is included in I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore this charm by a touch of sound, charmingly wrapped around it and climbing violin parts over ordinary boredom! Completes the album, miraculously ending with its romantic, sublime motifs - after all A Night to Forget, hope that we can some better get!