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Future - where are you are?! For us all!

April 18, 2017
West Coast Fury - Future of Provocation

If you don't listen to the West Coast Fury - Future of Provocation - you just...indie-kid as well! As for me!
Power, fury and aggression of the Virus are wedged into narratives - no, they will not tolerate any obstacles. But the strength of the power serves to set the pitch, creating a thoughtful break with the vocal part. But the splashed energy breaks everything into the small pieces!
Power, fury, anger are threshed in a thoughtless impulse T.A.G., they will not tolerate obstacles in the soybeans held, but a harsh procession!
Drive, fury - asks, demands the Justify Your Existence. There'a no way to skip from tat as well. That song have to be listened as well!
Rage, power, confidence enslave and in its flow, Chaos Reigns does not strive to break away - and can not! Power, fury, nervousness - this overcomes commonness, finds new efforts and breaks the bonds of boring shackles! Power, fury, drive - do not agree? D.P.A. takes you far away - far away!
Evil, cruelty and power continue to incarnate in the Run For Your Lives, creating a frenzied image in a furious dance, rabies needs limitations! No, if you do not understand - bring to your consciousness and understanding! Clearly, confidently, thoughtfully and consciously Future Of Provocation completes the album. Not understood? Then we go to you!!!