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All of tales and narrations causes the air vibrations

April 19, 2017
Dreamshade - Vibrant

Multiple, variable, turbulent winds are connected together by desires and thoughts, combining in Dreamshade - Vibrant musical image for all of us!
Furious drive splashes out charming and gentle vocal vocal phrases, transforming them in the bridges and choruses of Autumn Leaves into uncontrollable splashes of unique romance.
Where My Heart Belongs Drive, anger and irritation are embodied from the first moments It's Over, turning into a gentle romantic reminiscence, of long-gone joys and desperate omens. Such changes - again and again! Lively, perky, encouragingly bringing emotions to the top of sensory affiliation, Don't Wanna Go story recreates a combination of lyrical romance and encouraging energy.
A powerful, hard and saturated ballad Dreamers Don't Sleep overcomes the ancient musical canons, transferring us with its sound to a distant, uncertain future of modern affairs.
Changeable, unceasing questions swirls the whirlwind of emotions, spilling out with sparkling clqan vocals in the chorus, followed by emotional screaming in its rough sound. But clean vocal is not inferior to the championship, coming back again and again - that means The World in My Hands, he knows that!
The changing essence of the broken musical image Up All Night revolves in the reflections of the cracked, broken mirror ... everyone in it will see something of their own, to him only in the guided manner.
A sad, gloomy Losing Touch ballad takes us to the vastness of the discos of the 90s - ended up in nothing, useless from start 'till the end - passed in useless self-flagellation and proofs it is unclear to whom and what.
Sadness melts me down, but only me - Another Me, Another You commemorates the restrained, constrained lyrics - then rising in a violent outburst of romantic gleams.
Bright gleams sparkles, dazzling with their unquestioning charming rays of Oceantides, guitar passages uprises history to a new, highest level of charm.
Sternly and rigidly Sleep Alone dreams floats into the celestial spaces, vocal unites screaming and pure in a single stream of semantic tension, music and samples echo vocal searches.
Father сompletes the album, summing up - giving more screaming and growling, but extolling the emotional clean vocals to the top of the heavenly lyrics, charmingly framing the sound of the solemn chorus. Fine classical passages tells - that's all, folks!