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Sparks of impressions and memories of adventures sparkles in this armor

May 22, 2019
 Ritual Howls - Rendered Armor

So sad Alone Together romance, shrouded in a twilight-romance haze, begins the Ritual Howls - Rendered Armor album, bringing vocal experiences and emotions, crowning musical passages with sparkling covers of keyboard revelations.
The pulsating beats of the rhythmic heartbeat bring the pulsating drive notes into the Mother Of The Dead song's musical lace, the vocals and further heralds the notes of restrained emotions.
Pumping waves of restrained drive, Love Cuts vocals immediately envelops the musical pulsations with anticipation of disturbing changes. In music, sparks of electronic pulses flashes from time to time.
Returning through times and epochs, The Offering introduction weaves the lace of a minstrel ballad, but then electronic impulses and jerky rhythmic beats return modernist shades to sound, retaining the main motive of the bardic tale.
In the tremulous atmosphere of the Devoured Decency dark romance, male vocals complement the vocals of the female, singing like gloomy fairy on the background. In the instrumental bridges dark doubts heighten fears and anxieties.
In the throbbing rhythm of the I Can Hear Your Tears song, ghostly shadows is dancing in a ghostly haze, creating the mystical atmosphere of a gothic disco.
Romantic motifs of the wanderers of the wild west envelop the rhythmic narration of the Thought Talk composition, bringing the spicy trends of the prairie and impressions of endless adventures and trials. All I've Known completes the album with an ultra-modern dance rhythm, shrouded in epic musical passages.