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Angels can both bless and curse

May 07, 2020
Sickera - Angel Of Apocalypse

The stern Silence intro's march escalates gloomy forebodings, combined with vocal doubts in a brooding procession. Then Rust continues the Sickera - Angel Of Apocalypse album with an inspired drive, preceding the introduction of vocals with notes of reflection, then combining with the vocal part on the verge of a medium-tempo narration, combining melodic variations and notes of southern rock.
The 3 (Twisted Maze) musical reflection ends with a swift whirlwind of drive, crowned with emotional vocal experiences. The acoustic Dancing In The Rain symphony of gentle musical chime precedes the title track Angel Of Apocalypse of the album, in which dense musical sound is combined with a whirlpool of vocals variations.
The dense procession of the Two Hearts-One Love mid-tempo march is preceded by sophisticated vocal musings that removes the musical passages to the background, combining with them in a chorus round dance. Bringing mystery to the sound of the main motive Follow Order complements this atmosphere with vague vocal doubts.
The gentle symphony of the Take A Breath pacifying ballad captivates with a romantic soft sound. I Go For You reinvigorates the waves of intrigue, combining musical severity with vocal mystery, completing the album with an epic atmosphere of The Evil Twin musical narrative.