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Sometimes you want to change everything around

October 16, 2021
Agonist - Days Before the World Wept (EP)

The keyboards solo begins the sound of the Remnants in Time composition, then with a screaming violent swirl sound of a gloomy symphony with vocal choralaces. Then the main vocal joins, enveloping the feeling of gloomy magic, as if listening to the spell of a dark witches.
The monologue of the wise lady acts as intro into the gloomy narration of the Immaculate Deception song, which continues the musical story of the The Agonist - Days Before the World Wept (EP) release. The vocal party will diversify the entry of the clean vocal of the singing lady.
The Resurrection composition expands the stylistic frame of the sound, giving more values of the sound of clean vocals and progressively complicating the rhythmic structure than the sphere of potential fans of this artwork expands.
After melodic changes, the Feast on the Living song combines symphonic shades, drive and vocal diversity in a single musical stream, constantly changing vocals tunes and alternating vocal styles.
The Days Before the World Wept title track begins with fascinating handles of acoustic guitar solo, as if at the evening campfire, the bard remembers the old adventures. But the music is trembling the vortex of a violent driver, breathtakingly completing this successful and impressive musical release.