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Once upon a time a nameless shape arised

October 15, 2021
Untamed Land - Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms

The Once Upon a Time in the Kenoma sounds as a soft and melodic guitar solo, which is obscured by thoughtful artistry. But then the sound of the Untamed Land - Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms album complements the A Nameless Shape song's vocal part alternating with continuous and very melodic instrumental fragments.
The acoustic guitar solo sets the beginning of the Clothed in Smoke musical saga, then sounding, like an epic fairy tale, which the wise elder tells, things about unforgettable exploits of the legendary heroes of ancient ages. The Heavenly Coil composition rolls the musical canvas, along which proudly and significantly march a pensive vocals party, retreating before the charming symphony of majestic instrumental variations. The vocal party is coming back by the sound of thoughtful chorals, but again inferior to keyboards artistry.
Achamoth instrumental track completes the main part of the album, enveloping the dreaming melodium and creating an atmosphere of sparkling and seductive sleep.
But on this, the musical narration of the album is not completed - its final chapter is the rethinking of its longest songs, A Nameless Shape (Short Version) and The Heavenly Coil (Short Version), which sound in more abbreviated versions.