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Sometimes you have to take a step back

January 19, 2021
Wheel (FIN) - Moving Backwards

The vocal part begins the Wheel (FIN) - Moving Backwards album with doubts and reflections, combined with a twilight musical mystery, but then the sound of the Vultures composition hardens, which is complemented by more harsh vocal shades of changes in the vocal part, which sometimes returns to softer and muffled doubts.
Difficult, exciting and discouragingly complicating the rhythmic essence of the introduction, the Wheel track fully demonstrates the stylistic orientation of this musical work, only then supplementing. But then the vocals harden again, bringing harshness into their sound for a short time, then transforming into artistic ascension before the guitar solo. Combining the mesmerizing sound of the main motive notes with progressive variations of the musical passages, the Tyrant song complements this combination with a captivating pensiveness of vocal phrases.
Twilight anthem of the Up the Chain track's music wraps vocal reflections obscure haze, combining vocal innuendo with the musical mystery. The Skeletons instrumental saga envelops the atmosphere of reverie and sets, as if, the direction for future guesses.
The music rolls over a wave of furious drive, but then the vocals walk in the pressure of a rhythmic drive, then entwined with a whirlwind of guitar passages and compounded by the progressive fracture of the rhythmic essence of the Where the Pieces Lie composition. The final composition of the album Lacking fully embodies all its features, combining the progressive complexity of musical variations with their bewitching melody.