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The deeds of these heroes will forever remain in memories

November 07, 2022
This Is Sparta! - Legacies (EP)

After the intriguing introduction, the Condemned composition puts forward the vocal part of the This Is Sparta - Legacies (EP) music album, taking the first steps along the musical path of the 1st release, from time to time exploding with drive, or, conversely, bewitching with the melodic charm of guitar riffs and vocal emotionality.
The warlord's speeches set the direction of the procession of the City of Glory battle march, then driven by vocal instructions. The final fragment is the introduction of the Suffering composition, wrapping vocal phrases in covers of musical significance and then complementing the sound of the album with more and more new stylistic shades.
The solemn symphony envelops the vocal narrative of the Divine Punishment song in veils of musical influence, but the vocals seek to escape from the musical twilight in a swift race of frenzy. But the music again and again varies the influence of symphonic charm, retaining its shades in the sad sound of the intro of the Humanity's Fall final composition of this conceptual music release.