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There is no fear in this city

January 19, 2021
Raven (GBR) - Metal City

Rolling with a wave of furious energy, The Power composition raises the banners of impetuous drive, complemented by charismatic vocal proclamations at the Raven (GBR) - Metal City album's intro. The guitar solo of the Top of the Mountain intro spins an exciting round of musical dance, then wrapping around the vocal phrases with guitar riffs. The Human Race brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, sometimes exasperating it along with the rapid musical drive to a furious musical thriller, but in the instrumental part, complementing the sound with romantic notes.
The Metal City title composition walks in a mid-tempo march and solemnly raises the banners of the traditional sound for the style, into which it brings progressive notes to the warmth, then surging up with a swift guitar solo of the instrumental part. The drum roll of the Battlescarred intro combines elements of a battle march with the fierce fury of a musical thriller. Captivating with vocal appeals, the Cybertron supplements them with futuristic echoes of science fiction and enchants with the melody of guitar solo of instrumental fragments.
The Motorheadin' track explodes with the fast-paced energy of unrestrained dance, combining vocals and music in a single musical stream. The Not so Easy is keeping energy and fun, but slightly transforms the music into a less fast-paced whirlwind of drive. The guitar solo of the Break introduction is filled with doubts and rolls with rhythmic appeals of musical measures, then crowning the musical narration with a vocal part. The final album's track When Worlds Collide ends it with the epic anthem.