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Sometimes sleep is a luxury

February 23, 2021
Palm Reader - Sleepless

The vocals alternation seems to express the essence of the title of the Hold/Release song - emotional and fierce harsh vocals and inspiring and sublime tunes of clean vocals. The Stay Down track continues the musical narrative of the a Palm Reader - Sleepless lbum with rolls of stern rage of unyielding drive, then transforming the musical narrative to a vocal argument, transforming the sound again and again. The Ending Cycle track brings the brooding reflections of the clear vocals, emotionally shuddering before the swirling memories in the mind, to the forefront of the musical image.
Beginning with an inspired ballad, the Willow song then diversifies the musical structure again and again, progressively and artistically giving it more and more nuances. The A Bird and It's Feathers romantic ballad charms with vocal sensuality and musical softness and tenderness, carefully and thoughtfully developing musical charm and compositional lace, at times supplementing the main vocal with background vocal support.
The Islay instrumental composition brings to the sound of the album echoes of memories of distant wanderings with bard tale. In the False Thirst song's introduction, the music transforms into a progressive dance of mysterious intrigue, but then the vocals take you on an enchanting trek through a twilight obscurity wrapped in ghostly speculation and intriguing conjecture, keeping the progressive complexity of the musical variations intact.
The vocals come to the forefront of the Brink musical narrative, taking the musical accompaniment on an inspired journey. The music and vocals take you on A Love That Tethers triumphant procession of musical expanses with unexpected vocal transformations and elements of symphonic charm. The Both Ends of the Rope leaves the enigmatic sound more inspired to new discoveries, bringing musical clues to its mysteries at the end of the album.