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All around are against us

February 23, 2021
Harakiri For The Sky - Maere

The intriguing intro is developing in the mysterious musical artistry of the sound of the I, Pallbearer song, then alternating wave of a fierce drive with emotional vocal ascension and instrumental bridges with charm of musical variations. After the symphony intro, the Sing for the Damage We've Done (feat. Neige) composition with the participation of the invited vocalist continues the sound of the Harakiri For The Sky - Maere album with a stream of a fierce drive, crowned with melodic charm, leaving for the forefront in instrumental bridges, at the same time the charming artistic lace of the main motive.
The epic charm of the Us Against December Skies musical tale envelops the extensions of the ancient legends and fascinates the unity of these mysteries with modern musical tendencies. The I'm All About the Dusk continues such a stylist, pacifying the musical pace to a thoughtful procession with the echoes of the motives of the northern sagas.
Blowing by a violent musical drive, the Three Empty Words song rushes in an unrestrained race to unknown musical discoveries. The music charm of the Once Upon a Winter composition again returns to the world of fabulous mysticism, combining music and vocals in the charming dance.
After the intriguing intro, the And Oceans Between Us explodes the combination of rage and power, arranging oasis of recreation in instrumental bridges and enchanting the melodic sound of the chorus. Solo of piano introduces the influence of the classical mouse to the sound of the album, continuing in melodic union with a guitar solo, then developing the sound of the Silver Needle // Golden Dawn main motive. The Time Is a Ghost begins with an acoustic guitar solo that creates the atmosphere of bard ballad, then developing its motives into the unity of the melody and drive. The Song to Say Goodbye track is just by the name embodies the completion of the album.