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Autumn and winter bring sorrow and gloom

February 24, 2021
Wintereve - October Dark

The Olima music tunes filled with sadness and grief are combined with crying female vocals and harsh growling, rolling out the musical canvas of the introduction of the Wintereve - October Dark album. Then the crying of female vocals comes to the forefront of the Sea of Suffering song's musical image, , intertwining with the male growling in the gloomy waltz of the chorus, uniting in a sad duet, anticipating the fierceness of the sound with some notes of drive crowned with the covers of the guitar solo.
The harsh chants of male growling entwined with melodic passages of a guitar solo come to the forefront of The Quiet Desperation third composition, sometimes retreating to the saddened melodies of female vocals. The October Dark title track rises up with the soft tunes of a sad ballad, complementing the vocal depth with an atmosphere of symphonic sadness and combining musical melody with the loss of vocal emotions.
After the gloomy atmosphere of the introduction, the Call of the Void rolls over with harsh waves of drive, giving the sound some shades of a musical thriller, retreating to a dark symphony with female vocals. The Forgotten song creates a variety of musical charm, combining and alternating male and female vocals, crowning with this vocal unity the flight of discreet musical drive.
The twilight charm of the singing lady's phrases walks through the gloomy haze of the romantic atmosphere, giving way to the sublime inspiration of guitar solos in the foreground of the sound of the To Die in Your Arms composition. The introduction of the acoustic guitar precedes the further development of the Down the Path to Perdition epic saga, which concludes the album with manifold compositional greatness.