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Sometimes skull - just the cage for thoughts and mind

September 06, 2017
Underthreat - The Prison Within

The mysterious, intriguing and disturbing introduction A.I. Aftermath begins the Underthreat - The Prison Within album, performing only the muffled, distorted whispered the phrases.
After that, A New Myth explodes with waves of pulsating drive, rolling like a surf to shore in the entry, in the bridge before the verse, sweeping away in a rush to imaginary promises. In the chorus, once again pulsating pulses return and once again give way to swiftness, the vocal creates a whole image complementing the screaming by the growling.
Waves of the invisible surf on imaginary coasts continue to roll into the sound of The Delusionals (In the Name of Faith), leading the mood to a more thoughtful and cautious obad, the vocals complement the deep growl with the mysticism of the picture and the unpredictability of future events.
In the composition A Marionette's Lament on the front edge of the vocals is a growling and already the scramming supplements it with his phrases. Unrestrained drive combines with an exciting melody, captivating listening again and again!
"There is only one God - he's Death and there is only one thing you say to Death - not today", - the first words of the song Terror Management Theory. Well, they are optimists - "not now, not right now!" But the last moments of life will not tolerate reflection, slowness and detachment.
Quickly, abruptly, chaotically - there is only a moment remains, keep it and hold on!
A bright, hopeful introduction, a triumph of thought, a craving for work, the vertex is getting closer and closer - the song and sound The Clymb of Sisyphus accurately embody the sensations of this mythical hero: the top was reached, but the ball rolls down again and again.
Comprehensive waves of furious drive cover everything around, smashing to pieces, incinerating resistance to the Empire of Ashes device from all around. Vocals only strengthens the gloominess of the displayed picture, combining the predominance of growling in verses and screaming in choruses. A frenzied drive, a constraint of inner experiences merged into the sound of title track The Prison Within, the insturmental part, based on the same alarming flow, brings to the forefront the melody, but the anxiety does not recede, asking questions again and again. Anxiety, questions and reflections, disputes between screaming and growling constitute a discussion, embodying the The Existencialist in a musical image.
The album ends in a romantic manner, the gentle dreamy guitar riff begins the instrumental ballad Dawn of Reason, which pushes feelings and emotions closer to the end of the song and album at all.