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September 05, 2017
Falloch - Prospice

Mysterious, mystical and unpredictable motifs combines in Fata Morgana into the complex picture of changeable images with sensual, emotional vocals. Sometimes the music explodes with the impulse of furious drive, but soon it is replaced by a mysterious, unpredictable fog, sparkling with new musical ideas - which is typical for both the first song and the whole Falloch - Prospice album. The atmosphere of the same mysterious fog is unobtrusive, even soulfully enveloping in the sound of Talbot's Creed. Vocal muffles instrumental music, subordinating it implicitly to its influence, commanding and indicating the mood of subsequent musical ideas towards a romantic direction.
The Meridian music withers, slows down the sound to the barely noticeable movement, the vocals quietly whisper their part, everything is shrouded in a viscous haze of incredible tranquility.
After muted pacification, the music of Pluto Conjunct Neptune sweps into several streams, competing among themselves, in a broken rhythm that transforms into unimaginable combinations. And again, a pensive, incredibly calm and detached romance Solution envelops us with a veil of magic fog, concealing feelings and emotions, but it does not stop imagining our own shades of perception of the surrounding reality.
Even more vivid and original sounds The Tenth Planet, supplementing the variety of musical ideas with new and new images. After the languid romances here flashes power and drive, in complex melodies dancing in a variety of planes, on incredible trajectories Well, in such a multiplicity of diversity, there is no need to seek a single explanation - the title track Prospice is the brief, calm and thoughtful epilogue, crowning such complex and diverse album with its simplicity and restraint.