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Sometimes simple words are so hard for understanding

April 03, 2020
Galia Social - Rise

So bewitching Open mystery of ambiguities and conjectures bewitches with obscure echoes of ideas and omens, opening the gates of the Galia Social - Rise album, then developing in an inspired narrative of the vocal part, bringing enchanting anticipations of the coming mercy of the gods and all kinds of prosperity. The vocal weaving in a bewitching dance with musical passages, weaving the incredible lace of progressive variations captivates with a majestic sound.
Enveloping the vocal part with shrouds of thoughtful inspiration, the Follow music retains the charm of an incredibly progressive style, interwoven with thoughtful vocal phrases that introduce the influences of the lounge. But in a whirlwind of emotional experiences, the Colors vocals lifts its inspiration over the stream of progressive complexity of musical passages.
Arranging vocal emotionality with the complexity of the musical part, Aim envelops its vocals doubts with incredibly ornate and unpredictable musical improvisations, raising the style of the composition to an incredible sky-high, exceeding the understanding of those who are not versed in progressive musical solutions. Doubts and questions are intertwined in a whirlwind of musical passages, surprising by the Fire unity of such a multitude of ambiguities with a leisurely rhythmic pattern. But musical passages surround vocal phrases from all sides with a bewitching sphere.
The echoes of the march of the Victory epic battle march remain amid musical charm, crowned with the grandeur of a keyboards symphony, enchanting the listener with inmost inspiration. The title track Rise concludes the album with bewitching amusement, braiding vocal phrases with soothing ribbons of musical lace, dispelling far-fetched problems and encouraging with a further achievements.