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Finding balance is always important

April 04, 2020
Cremations - Dissolution Of Balance

After a mysterious creak, Nothing begins the Cremations - Dissolution Of Balance album with an uncontrolled whirlwind of furious drive, interweaving vocal anger and musical fury in a single stream of a musical thriller. The drum roll of the Vanishing Self introduction is replaced by the unity of vocal phrases and musical passages in a crushing drive of musical fury.
Carrying a buzzing whirlwind of guitar solo Beneath The Soil completes the composition with dense viscosity. Exploding with a whirlwind of impetuous rage, weaving together the musical fury and vocal anger, Aftermath then marches on a mid-tempo march of the solemn anthem, but the furious musical passages again invoke a swift drive.
Crowning the waves of the main motive Broken Shell brings fragments of recitative to the vocal part, while maintaining the charisma of vocal rage. Carrying a round dance of a guitar solo into an unbridled dance of drive, the Dehumanized music braids the vocal phrases with the impenetrable dusk of a bewitching mystery.
Exploding with a stream of unbridled drive Secure And Safe crowns a stream of musical fury with crests of vocal anger. Then No Salvation walks on a mid-tempo march, emphasizing hard musical passages with the confidence of the vocal part, and enveloping the final parts of the measures with vocal emotions. Among Wolves concludes the album with an unbridled burst of fury, swirling vocal unrestraint with swirls of musical passages. The title track Dissolution Of Balance of the album complements the final rage with significance.