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Some signs are incredibly mysterious

April 03, 2020
Borgne - Y

Walking leisurely in the twilight of terrifying mystery, As Far As My Eyes Can See slowly and mysteriously opens the gates of the Borgne - Y album, completing the doubtful procession with the melodic charm of a dark anthem enveloping mesmerizing guitar solo, somewhat accelerating the pace with the appeals of the vocal part. Anticipating the final piece, the music pacifies the pace, complementing the vocal narration with rhythmic pulsations and completing the composition with a frightening alarm.
Continuing the rhythmic pulsations of the rhythm section, Je Deviens Mon Propre Abysse crowns them with magnificent tunes of guitar solos and echoes of forgotten tales, flying in a fast stream of unbridled drive, shrouded in the covers of melodic charm. But the introduction of vocals returns sounding to a mid-tempo narration, as if a sage gives instructions and narrates his instructions from scrolls of ancient legends. But then the storyteller is supplemented by a wave of drive combining vocal and musical significance.
Captivating the progressive artistry of the interweaving of musical motifs of intro, A Hypnotizing Perpetual Movement That Buries Me In Silence elevates the ghostly names of the dark anthem, marching in a majestic procession of a leisurely procession, shrouded in an atmosphere of gloomy omens and the spirit dark grandeur. Acoustic guitar captivates the open spaces of medieval mystical traditions, evoking the spirits of ancient bards. But then guitar riffs and vocal tunes develops Derriere Les Yeux De La Creation epic motives in the introduction, complementing them with power and the grandeur of a bewitching symphony. Keeping epic inspiration Qui Serais-Je Si Je Ne Le Tentais Pas complements this stylistic framework with a swirl rampant drive entwined with sparkling ribbons of guitar solos, braiding the swift drive of music and emotional vocals melodic charm.
The soothing pulsations of a mysterious mystery develops the Paraclesium unhurried pacification, mesmerizing by obscure whispering vocals, giving additional mystery to so ambient musical haze. Continuing the mysterious obscurity, A Voice In The Land Of Stars completes the album, weaving together in a musical canvas the symphonic echoes of a dark anthem, shrouded in majestic motifs of organ passages, preserving the procession of a mid-tempo march, exalting with the power of a rhythmic wars inspired keyboard variations in sky-high distances. Sometimes blades of rapid drive are piercing the musical canvas, but melodic solos retains the inspiration of symphonic charm.