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Sometimes reflections leads to a dead end, leading to a mental coma

June 09, 2018
April Weeps - Comma

The symphonic atmosphere of the grand Palingenesis intro envelops the deep and sonorous phrases of the growling, then the romantic sonnet with a gentle feminine voice, with the emotional passage of the piano, anticipates the return of the powerful growling and the rapping of the tempo and drive of the April Weeps - Comma album's first track. In the instrumental part, the drive and power retreat for a while, releasing a pensive romance, but they return again as guardians of vocal phrases in the song's final.
Female phrases are hovering in doubtful uncertainty of Unreachable Gratification intro, uncertainly developing her ideas, then severe growling wave of demonic fury transforms the composition with a burst of drive, but the female vocals again return romance, turning the song into a pensive and soft romance, which is complemented with the balanced, restrained male growling phrases.
The mysterious fairy in the mysterious pre-foggy fairy tale precedes the epic saga Terminal Rumination of a Broken Soul, which takes the vocal parts to the front edge of the musical picture, alternating the thoughtful and romantic phrases of female vocals with a stern and dense male growling.
Thoughtful dreams envelops the illusory obscure romantic thoughts of the A Way of Mind intro, then wave of dark drive carries captivating key motifs, rumbling vague glimpses of severe phrases of growling. But female vocal introduces romance, supplementing the changeable essence of such a multifaceted composition.
The raindrops, thunder and storms of anticipation precede the development of the Rain main motive, supplementing the violent reflections of the growling with a harsh impetuous drive, weaving the enchanting phrases of female vocals with artistry and charm, complementing these contrasting passages with progressive influence.
The wise, highly experienced reflections slowly march back into the accompaniment of the symphonic background, then develop into stubborn and majestic passages of the main motive, enthralling with a dense and persistent drive to follow their Realisation Stage narrative, twisted with guitar riffs around vocal phrases.
The charming keyboard reflections explodes with a wave of romantic drive, supplementing this The Last Piece of Eden ballad with a significant and significant growling - without diminishing, however, romantic desires for a moment - which confirms the crying princess in the tower.
The energy supplements the romantic powers, but the after the Extirpation introduction returns thoughtfully around the vocal reflections, however, without rejecting the symphonic melody - on the contrary supplementing it with newer and newer nuances, it is especially worth noting the main keyboards passages as well!
The entire composition In Aeternum and especially its introduction emphasizes the primacy of epic romance over all attempts and aspirations to turn these dreams into explosions of drive. However - the album rallied these contrasting directions very interestingly and progressively.